Neurofeedback Services

Our Neurofeedback Story

While at the 2001 Attach Conference, we heard Jim Robbins, author of Symphony in the Brain, tout the value of emerging neurofeedback training, and in workshops heard about positive results of neurofeedback with children with attachment disorders.

Upon our return, Ruth had the training provided by Molly Raaymakers – one of the first clinicians providing Neurofeedback Services in the Grand Rapids area. Ruth had a tremendous response, making significant gains with residual symptoms from old post-concussion symptoms. We were hooked!!

Then Joe extensively research the different neurofeedback systems out there including the one Molly used: NeurOptimal by the Zengar Institute Inc. We were hooked again on their dynamical approach, received basic certification in 2002 and completed Advanced Training in 2005. We are committed to providing the most updated neurofeedback training and are proud to use NeurOptimal Training through Zengar Institute Inc.

Ruth and Joe provide office based NeurOptimal Training and will have 1 Rental Unit beginning in 2019! Call us for more info!

NeurOptimal was approved in 2018 as a General Wellness Product by the FDA.